Why Is My Roof Leaking? | Tacoma Roofing Experts

Nobody wants to come home at the end of the day to find water dripping in. If you have a leaky roof, you will have a lot to deal with. The first step you should take is calling your trusted Tacoma contractors at Acme Roofing. We will come out for an inspection, and quickly solve the problem. But what is causing your roof to leak? We have the answers to help you understand why this could be happening to your roof.

Roof worker hammering nail on roof

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

There are several reasons to what is causing your leak:

1) Flashing Has Rusted – The flashing is the thin metal pieces that are installed under the shingles and on the joints of your roof to create a water-resistant barrier. If it is exposed, it will look like a look like a long sheet of metal. If the flashing is rusted, water will be able to come in. This is one of the most common causes of a roof leak, and can easily be fixed with a patch.

2) Broken/Missing Shingles – Living in the Pacific Northwest, our homes are exposed to large amounts of rain and wind that can wear down your roof. Shingles can curl and rot, causing a troublesome problem to your home. If you suspect that shingles is causing your roof to leak, take a look at your roof from a distance. If you can see that they are damaged or even missing, you may need to get your shingles replaced. This is a fairly inexpensive job, but you will want a roofing professional to get it done right.

3) Water Collection – If you have a flat roof, you could experience water collection. Pools of water causes strain on your roof. Over a period of time, it could result in drips and leaks.

4) Age of the Roof –  For Tacoma homeowners, a lifespan of an average roof is between 20-25 years. Your roof has braved rain, snow and wind, and has taken on some wear and tear. If your roof is outdated, it’s time for it to be replaced.

A Minor Leak Can Damage Your House

If you do have a leak, do not ignore it. A leak can cause damage to your attic or even compromise the structure of the house. If your house has an attic, a leak could ruin the area as well as any items stored up there. If the water leak damages the ceiling insulation, heat will escape your house and your utility bill will skyrocket.

Don’t let a leak produce more damage to the structure of your house. As leaks drip and moisture comes in, the wood deteriorates and becomes damaged. If your home’s ceiling structure becomes water-damaged, it could give way and fall. You don’t want to come home one night to your ceiling in pieces lying in your living room.

Roof Leak Seal Contractors in Tacoma, WA

If your house is leaking, don’t wait. It’s best to let your trusted and experienced roofing professionals handle the job. Our team at Acme can inspect your roof, trace the leak and quickly repair the problem. Call our office at (253) 564-2292 to schedule a free roof consultation.