What Caused My Puget Sound Roof to Leak?

Even the smallest of roof leaks can start a chain reaction of damage that will ultimately result in catastrophic roof failure and extensive damage to a house. Water has a way of finding even the tiniest of cracks in a roof and making its way down to the attic.

Along the way it will cause mold issues, damage to insulation, and even higher energy bills during the winter and summer months.  All of this damage could have been prevented if the homeowner had called a professional roofer to see what their best options are.

Roof leaks are widespread here in the Puget Sound. Considering how wet our climate is, many homeowners are forced to undergo extensive home repairs because they neglected to call a roofing company when they discovered that seemingly tiny roof leak a few months prior.

Roof Vents

The vents of your roof serve an essential purpose. They allow air from the inside to escape to the outside and vice versa. This exchange of air regulates the temperature inside the attic and can even help lower the heating or cooling bill.

The downside to roof vents is that they can sometimes fail. The gaskets that seal them to the roof can warp and break, thereby allowing water to seep in. If the roof vents weren’t correctly installed, there could be gaps or cracks which would enable moisture and water to enter.

Age of Roof

Older roofs that are nearing the end of their natural lifespan are one of the most common reasons a roof leak will form. As they get older, roofing materials tend to deteriorate and lose their protective abilities. They become less and less efficient at providing a protective barrier between the outside elements and your house.

Roofing tiles can also warp and crack over time. They expand and contract every year with the hot summer sun and freezing winter temperatures. As the years go by, the sun can melt the tar that holds the shingle to the roof. All it takes is one or two bad roof shingles to allow outside water and moisture to start making its way inside your house.

Debris and Trees

Dirt, debris, twigs, leaves, and pine needles can accumulate on a roof and start to trap water. As the water starts to back up, it will make its way past your tiles and inside your house by means of capillary action. Tree branches that overhang your roof should be trimmed on a regular basis to prevent debris from accumulating.

Roof leaks can also occur when a massive tree branch falls on your roof. All it takes is one strong wind storm, and a several-hundred-pound branch can come crashing down on your roof tiles and knock a small hole in which stormwater can seep in.

The problem is exacerbated when that same windstorm blows the tree branch off the roof, and the homeowner isn’t aware that the damage even occurred. They usually don’t realize there’s any damage until it’s too late.


Clogged gutters are another common reason a roof leak can occur.  Trees are very common here in the Pacific Northwest, and pine needles, leaves, and other debris can clog up a gutter in just a few short weeks. If the gutter is clogged up, all it takes is one minor weather event, and the rainwater will start to back up and then soak through the roofing tiles.

If you have a two-story house, the act of draining a blocked upper gutter can instantly release all of that backed up water. It will make its way onto the lower roof below and can cause it to be over-saturated with water. The high volume of water will then find a way past the roof shingles and into the attic.

Roof Replacement in Tacoma

If your house has a roof leak, or you suspect moisture or water are somehow seeping into your attic, give us a call at (253) 563-2292.  At ACME Roofing, we have helped countless Tacoma homeowners fix and replace their roofs.

Remember, a small leak should not be ignored as it will eventually turn into a big leak which can result in the need for extensive repairs. Call us today, and we’ll help you get your roof leak under control.