Can I Replace My Roof in the Winter? | Tacoma Roofing Company

Having a durable and well-structured roof is a must, especially during the rainy, winter months in the Pacific Northwest. If your roof is starting to leak, or if you are in need of a complete roof replacement—don’t worry. Your roofing issues can be taken care of by our team, even during the winter.

Our roof experts at Acme Roofing want to reassure you that no matter the season, we can replace your roof. It’s important to hire a roofing professional who will guarantee that your roof will be installed safely, and it will stay in peak condition throughout the year.

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What’s the Best Temperature for Roof Installation?

If it’s below freezing, we likely can’t replace your roof. Roof shingles should be installed between 40-85 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s too cold, the asphalt shingles could crack and break. Thankfully, the South Sound typically experiences mild winter weather, so it’s rare that our contractors wouldn’t be able to do an install.

Other types of materials, such as metal roofing, can be installed without having to worry about the temperature compromising the quality. Metal roofs won’t crack in cold conditions. They are designed to allow for contracting and expanding, meaning that the freezing weather won’t make a difference.

Take Advantage of our Roofing Slow Season

During the spring and summer months, many South Sound homeowners are excited to begin their home improvement projects. However, this often means that contractors are flooded with requests. It can be difficult to properly schedule out your roofing project due to the high-volume of projects going on at this time. During the winter, there’s a lower demand for installs. Replacing your roof in the winter means that you have time and space to enjoy your home in the spring and summer.

Washington Roof Safety

Winter roofing can be dangerous due to the cold temperatures and wet conditions. This is why it’s important to hire an experienced and knowledgeable company, such as Acme Roofing for the job. We have the know-how to safely work on your roof and lessen the risk of an injury or accident. We’ll carefully examine all conditions and factors to determine the best time to begin your roof replacement project. Read more about our roof safety standards.

Your Tacoma & Puyallup Roofing Experts at Acme Roofing

Here at Acme Roofing, winter roofing is just part of the job. Our Puget Sound roofing team has years of experience installing and replacing roofs throughout all seasons. We’ll make sure that the roofing job gets done safely, effectively and thoroughly. To schedule a free roofing estimate, contact our Tacoma office this season.