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Common Roofing Mistakes To Avoid

Investing in a new roof for your home, or in repairs for your existing roof, is always an anxious time. Outside of the usually large cost that such an investment requires, there is also the possibility of disruptions to your family’s life, due to having a team of roofers hanging around your home for such a long period of time. 


Here at ACME Roofing, we recognize these cost and lifestyle factors can make you wary about beginning a roofing project. That’s why we have cultivated a reputation as the caring roofing company, here to walk you through the whole process. With that in mind, this week, we’re looking into some of the most common mistakes people make when undertaking a roofing project, which often lead to less than ideal outcomes. 


Common Mistake #1: Choosing the lowest cost regardless of quality


As we’ve mentioned, cost is generally the number one concern for people when choosing their roofing project, as well as who to hire. However, making cost your only priority can actually turn into a bigger headache in the long run, than just ponying up a little more money up front. Going with the lowest cost roof will also bring with it the lowest quality roofing project. Imagine having to go through all the trouble again, in order to fix the issues from the first, low-quality project. So make sure you balance cost and quality and reputation, because this is your safest choice in the long run. 


Common Mistake #2: Neglecting the attic


It may seem counter-intuitive, but an important part of your roof is actually inside your home: the attic. You can have a pristine roof that will last your home for decades, however, if your attic space isn’t in proper working order, then it can negate everything you’ve invested in your roof. One of the main parts of your attic to consider is its ventilation. Over time, moisture can build up in an improperly ventilated attic space, causing your roof to wear out much faster than possible. Make sure you don’t overlook your attic when investing in your new roof!


Common Mistake #3: Getting in over your head


With all of the resources available on the internet, it is easier than ever to think that you can re-roof your own home. While maintaining a close relationship with your roof is a crucial part of roof maintenance, you should always call a professional for a major roofing project. If you’re looking to replace your roof without facing any of the mistakes we’ve outlined here, give the ACME Roofing team a call today. We’re one of Washington State’s most trusted and experienced roofing companies, with unmatched care for our customers.