ACME Roofing on Location: Roy

This month, to kick off our ACME Roofing on Location series for the final month of 2019, we’re heading out to Roy, Washington. Our client for this project chose the beloved PABCO Premier shingle, in Antique Black, to protect their home. Along with diving into what the benefits of this choice are, we’ll also take a look at how your shingle choice affects your home’s ability to withstand the snow. 


Neighborhood Overview

Roy is by far the smallest town we’ve covered in our Roofing on Location series so far, with under a thousand people as of 2018. Originally incorporated in 1908, Roy is a small community of primarily ranch-style homes and farms, a sharp contrast to the more urban center of neighboring Tacoma

Thanks to its roots in a frontier tradition seen less and less in the Puget Sound area, Roy is a unique blast from the past. One of its major community attractions is the Roy Pioneer Rodeo. Attracting visitors and competitors from all-over Washington, several surrounding states, and Canada, this event is the star of the Roy community calendar each year.


Shingle Features

The PABCO Premier line is one of our most popular products, and it was the shingle of choice for this project in Roy, Washington, as well as other roofing projects we’ve details in Tacoma, WA, Gig Harbor, WA, Puyallup, WA, Lakewood, WA and Fircrest, WA. This client went with the Antique Black finish, also one of the most popular, for the color of their new roof. What sets PABCO Premier apart from other shingles are the performance features. From Algae Defender and Class A Fire Resistance to the twelve color options, this laminated shingle line is perfect for the Pacific Northwest. Laminated shingles are increasingly popular because when it comes to durability and beautiful appearance, they check both boxes. 


Roofing and Snow: A Tale of Antagony 

While living in the Pacific Northwest and Puget Sound means that rain is a much bigger player in our lives than snow, for the few inevitable snowstorms each year, your roof has to be prepared. Without adequate protection from snow, your roof can suffer from any of the following issues. 



Shingle Damage: Snow in the Pacific Northwest is often extremely wet and heavy. This means that, when it does snow, the snow piles up quickly, and this weight can really add up. If your shingles aren’t up for the job, they can crack under all the pressure, leaving vulnerabilities in your roof, through which rain and snow can seep. 



Ice Dams: This is a problem that occurs often in winter. The snow that falls on top of your roof is melted by the sun throughout the day but refreezes at the overhangs when the roof is cooler overnight. When this happens, water can back up into your house, causing flooding during winter – a horrible combination. Proper ventilation and insulation is the best way to avoid this costly problem and preserve your roof.

While snow is not as common in the Puget Sound as other areas across the state and country, preparing your roof for snow is a classic example of insuring yourself against the worst-case scenario. So whether you live in Roy, or anywhere else in the area, keep the possibility of snow in mind when reshingling your roof, because the small cost upfront can save you thousands in the long run. 


Ready To Revitalize Your Roof? 

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