ACME Roofing on Location: Tacoma

To kick off our ACME Roofing on Location series for October, we’ve got our third house from Tacoma, Washington. We helped the client settle on a new shingle from PABCO Roofing, one of our most popular and trusted product lines.

Tacoma Before and After

Neighborhood Overview

Along with being the second largest city on the Sound (behind Seattle), Tacoma is the third largest city in Washington, serving as the centre of what has been dubbed the ‘South Sound’ region, home to around 1 million residents.  

The majority of Tacoma’s housing market is made up of homeowners, and homes that are more than 50 years old. Tacoma’s notoriously wet climate boasts nearly 150 precipitation days per year, averaging almost 40 inches of rain every year, not to mention its location right on the Puget Sound. This combination means that having confidence in your roof’s ability to withstand the wet and damp is vital to your happiness as a homeowner. 

Project Overview

For this Tacoma roofing project, the client chose the PABCO Premier shingle, going with the Prairie Wood finish. The PABCO Premier line is one of our most popular product offerings, and there are several reasons why. A premium laminated shingle option for new and older homes alike, the Premier line also comes with Algae Defender and Class A Fire Resistance; ubiquitous among PABCO’s products and part of their commitment to safety and integrity. With 12 color options and a Limited Lifetime Warranty, PABCO Premier is perfect for any roof and any customer. 

Project Benefits

Many people are unaware of the benefits of choosing a laminated shingle, like PABCO Premier, over a traditional 3-Tab shingle. Laminated shingles used to be used only on upscale homes, but they’re becoming much more widespread. Thanks to their durability and aesthetic appeal, they serve as long-term option for many customers. Additionally, each shingle is an individual unit, rather than the traditional ‘three tiles in a set pattern’ that many roofs still have. This allows for greater versatility in appearance, aligning with more roofing styles. If you’re looking to redo your roof, why not consider going for the increased value, appearance, and durability of a laminated shingle. 

Ready To Revitalize Your Roof?

If you’ve been considering a new roof, or if you are interested in learning more about the various types and styles of roofs that ACME offers, contact us today. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible through the process, which is why we always begin with a free roof estimate. You can have confidence in the ACME team throughout the entire roofing process.