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ACME Roofing on Location: Fircrest, WA

This month, ACME Roofing on Location takes us to a project we completed in the city of Fircrest, Washington. The client decided on a product from PABCO Roofing, one of our most popular choices for the Washington’s rainy climate. While quality and function are a great place to start when choosing a shingle, in this post, we’re including some information on why choosing the right color is also an important part of the process. 

Fircrest before and after photos

Neighborhood Overview

Fircrest is home to roughly 7,000 Washingtonians, and is located just west of Tacoma. With a homeownership rate of 66.2% and 63.4% of the housing market in single-family homes, quality roofing for homeowners in Fircrest, WA is a must. This is especially the case as the median year a Fircrest home was built was 1970, meaning that the majority of homes here are older than 50 years.   

One Fircrest’s claims to fame is that it was the last ‘dry’ city in the state of Washington. These days, the climate in Fircrest is damp and rainy for at least six months of the year, averaging around six inches during the wet Pacific Northwest winters. Under these circumstances, a Fircrest homeowner’s roof serves to protect their home from the elements, as well as contribute to keeping vulnerable areas of the home mold-free. Not to mention, a good-looking roof can’t hurt in terms of curb appeal for those looking to rent or sell their homes.

Shingle Features

For this Fircrest roofing project, the client chose the PABCO Premier shingle, in Antique Black. This shingle is perfect for our client for several reasons; first PABCO’s Premier line is equipped with Class A Fire Resistance, which means these shingles have the highest resistance to fire exposure in the industry. In addition to Class A Fire Resistance, these shingles are made with Algae Defender which adds another layer of protection by staving off moss and lichen growth.  

It also comes in twelve color options and with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be confident you’ve chosen the right shingle for your needs.

Choosing the Right Color 

To best outline the benefits of the PABCO Premier shingle for this Fircrest home, we’re going to take a look at the importance of color in roofing. While most people choose their new roof primarily based on quality and necessity, shingle color can heighten both the function and appearance of a home. The main appeal of color for your home is that it bolsters curb appeal, that is, it elevates the appearance of you home, making it more attractive for homeowners or potential buyers. Realtors will tell you that a beautiful home, from top to bottom, plays a huge role in making a first impression on potential buyers, if you’re looking to sell or potential renters. 

When considering the right color for your shingles, you can ask yourself, or your contractor, a few questions to help you make the right decisions:

  • How will my shingle color be impacted by heat or dampness?
  • What shingle color would look best with the exterior color of my house?
  • What shingle color will blend well with the surroundings of my house, the trees, neighbors, etc?

As a homeowner, choosing a shingle color is an opportunity to infuse your personality into the overall look of your house. When you take the time to choose the right color for your shingles, you’ll develop an even deeper sense of connection and appreciation for your home, which is one of the greatest benefits of owning a home!

Ready To Revitalize Your Roof? 

If you’ve been considering a new roof, or are interested in learning more about the various types and styles of roofs that ACME offers, contact us today. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible through the process, which is why we always begin with a free roof estimate. You can have confidence in the ACME team throughout the entire roofing process.