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Why Roofs Fail, and How to Avoid This

Installing a new roof is a huge investment in your home, and like any investment of this size, you’re looking for it to pay off in the long term. The last thing that you want, or expect, to happen is for your brand new roof to fail. Unfortunately, subpar contractors, insufficient roofing materials, and improper installation are all elements that can result in a low quality roofing job.

This is when the worst can happen, and your new investment becomes an even bigger headache than whatever your initial roofing problem was. For this week’s ACME roofing blog post, we are examining some of the most common reasons for roof failure, so you can keep an eye out, and avoid disaster.

Reasons for Roofing Failure

  • Inadequate Roofing Ventilation: Good ventilation is a key aspect for keeping your roof in good health. A ventilation system that pushes heat and moisture out during the summer will minimize roofing expansions due to temperature changes, because it gives the roofing material some necessary wiggle room.

  • Improper Roof Installation: When it comes to any home project, the most important aspect of the project is that it’s properly finished. Even with the best materials, a roof that isn’t installed properly is not going to function correctly, and cause you tons of headaches, and possibly even endanger your home. Calling a professional roofing contractor like ACME Roofing will ensure that your roof is installed right the first time.

  • Low Quality Roofing Materials: When choosing materials for your new roof, you want to take more than just the cost into consideration. Even if the cheapest products look appealing, you need to always remember that lower costs usually mean lower quality materials, and when you have top quality materials, your roof is more likely to last through a pounding from the elements.
  • While this list covers some of the most common reasons for roofing failure, roofs can fail for any number of different reasons. One of the absolute best ways to make sure that your roof doesn’t fail, is to hire a professional roofing contractor. For a roof that will last, ACME Roofing is a company you can trust. Contact our team today, to get started on your roofing project!