What Type of Roof is Best for the Puget Sound?

Living in the Puget Sound means scenic mountains, fresh air, and lush, unspoiled greenery almost anywhere you look. There’s just one small thing:

All of this natural beauty comes at a price.

The same elements that make Tacoma so scenic and attractive can wreak havoc on the roofs of a home. Rain, wind, and freezing cold temperatures can significantly reduce the lifespan and cause minor problems to turn into major repairs.

At ACME Roofing, we have decades of experience helping local homeowners fix and re-roof their houses. We’ve seen time and time again what works – and more importantly – what doesn’t work.

We’ve created this blog post to help you determine which type of roof or roofing material will stand up best to the harsh Pacific Northwest seasons and last for many decades to come.

Which Roofing Material is Best for the Puget Sound?

Composition roofing is the very best type of roofing material that you can put on your house.  The shingles have a fiberglass or organic core, are saturated with asphalt and coated with ceramic granules and adhesive salt.

Composition roofing works well for all types of Pacific Northwest homes. It’s easily replaceable, comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and weights. It’s also comparable in price to other shingle types.

When you re-roof a residential home, you want to make sure that you’re only using premium roofing materials such as PABCO, Malarkey, Custom-Bilt, or CertainTeed. These types of shingles will not only make your house look great, but offer superior protection against the harsh weather of the Pacific Northwest.

Benefits of Premium Roofing Materials

At ACME Roofing, we only carry premium roofing materials that have proven themselves to look amazing and work well on Puget Sound homes.  Depending on the brand that you choose, these shingles can even offer fire resistance or help decrease your energy bills by shielding your home from harmful UV rays.

Some of the premium shingles that ACME Roofing carries also offers high wind protection up to 130mph. Other brands we sell are made to look just like wood, tile, or even slate!

These types of roofing tiles have a thicker profile which adds character and shape to an otherwise flat and boring roof. You can improve the curb appeal of your house by choosing to re-roof your home with premium shingles.

Expert Roofers in Tacoma

When it comes time to fix or re-roof your house, you should choose a roofing company who has decades of experience installing roofs in the Tacoma area.

At ACME Roofing, we can not only help advise you on which roofing materials will work best, but we’ll provide you with excellent customer service and job quality that is unsurpassed.

Give us a call at (253) 564-2292 or contact us via our website to learn more about fixing or re-roofing your Puget Sound home!