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The Future of Roofing: Innovations to Implement at Your Home

To the uninstructed observer, it may seem as though roofing has been the same for decades, even hundreds of years, with little to no innovation. However, this is far, far from the case. The materials and techniques that roofing companies use today help to make homes more weather resistant, control the interior environment of our homes, and even boost the street appeal by making homes more beautiful. 


Part of ACME Roofing’s mission is to always provide our clients with the best building materials for both the interior and exterior of their homes. We prioritize shingles that will prolong the life expectancy of your roof, helping to give you peace of mind and keep your household budget in check. To kick off the decade, we’ve put together a few roofing trends that we believe will define the 2020s in roofing. 


Designer Shingles


For those who love their home, and want to show it off, there are increasingly more options for that desired design flair. Gone are the days of solely black shingles made of basic materials, which are nothing more than the proverbial ‘roof over your head.’ 


Today, roofing companies and shingle producers are partnering with designers of all kinds to develop shingles that not only protect your home, but also look exquisite. Rather than settling for more of the same, why not consider a designer shingle for your next roofing project?


Green Roofing


Sustainability will likely be the defining issue of the 2020s, with the world’s environmental state growing more precarious by the year. Rather than losing yourself to despair, why not be part of the solution, by covering your roof with ‘green’ roofing shingles. 


These shingles are specifically designed to reduce their environmental impact, meaning you can rest easy under your new roof. From providing better insulation so you can turn down your heater in the winter, to being constructed from more easily reusable materials, the green revolution has reached roofing, and now’s the time to jump on board!


Synthetic Materials


Part in parcel with the previous point, synthetic materials are also becoming more prevalent in the roofing industry. By providing better functionality, such as Algae Defender, or simply increasing the lifespan of your shingles, synthetic materials are here to stay. 


No matter what you’re looking for from your roof, the experts at ACME Roofing are here to help. Contact the team today to see how we can help increase your satisfaction with your roof!