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The Importance of Roofing Certifications & Partnerships

Everyone wants their roofing project to go off smooth and uncomplicated, but finding the perfect contractor for that to happen can be difficult. Sure, a company might have a nice website, but how do you know if you can trust their service? And how can you decide between all of the various options in your area, without knowing how to separate the wheat from the chaff. 


Unless you have a friend or family member who can vouch for a certain company, you’re really relying on the first impression you get from an estimate. That’s not exactly reassuring. However, we’ve put together a few things for you to keep an eye on, to make a more informed decision for your roofing partner. 


What You Need To Look For

  • CertainTeed: One of the United States’ leading manufacturers of commercial and residential building products, CertainTeed has been educating and certifying roofing contractors for decades. Their Master Shingle Applicator certification is the highest level of roofing certification, represents premium standards of excellence, quality and knowledge in the roofing industry. Certified Master Shingle Applicators have full access to CertainTeed’s line of quality roofing products, qualifying certified contractors to install any of the company’s products to their exacting specifications, with extra warranty protection.

  • Shingle Manufacturer Partnerships: Another key point to look out is how close a roofing contractor is with their suppliers. Do they simply buy whatever shingles are the cheapest, to keep their costs low? Or do they do their research to find the highest quality products, and build relationships with the people who run that company? By knowing their products like the back of their hand, you know that you can trust the roofing contractor you choose with finding the best shingle for your home.


Why These Connections Matter

Both of these aspects show a roofing contractor’s commitment to the ongoing success and health of their business, and the perfection of each client project. This means not only that you’ll get a great roof installed in the first place, but also that you can trust your contractor to take care of any issues you have in the future. Certifications and partnerships are a roofing contractor’s way of showing that they’re in it for more than just the money; they’re trying to be the best roofers they can be. 


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