Emergency Roof Repair

Let’s keep this short and get down to business since you need emergency roofing services in Tacoma ASAP. 

Needing emergency roofing is overwhelming, so we understand your position. Just know..

We’ve got you covered if you need:

✔ 24/7 on demand roof repair in Tacoma and surrounding areas

✔ Emergency water damage or leak repair

✔ Emergency tree damage/removal


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But, how do you know if it’s an emergency?

Some roof repairs are more urgent than others, but these are the roofing problems that require immediate attention:

  • A tree, branch or other object has created a hole in your roof leaving your home or business vulnerable to weather and animals
  • There is major leaking or water damage 
  • Your roof has suffered from extreme wear/tear or damage from a storm and requires a patch job or tarp

Generally, any leaking through a roof is urgent and should be assessed and fixed immediately to prevent further roof damage.

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Let’s extend the life of your roof.