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Roofing Businesses Join Forces to Support Local Police Officer

TACOMA, August 24, 2022 – ACME Roofing, Malarkey Roofing Products, and Stoneway Roofing Supply partner together for the first time to donate a roof to a local police officer, Bill Brand. When morale is low for first responders, these three companies are taking a stand in a collaborative show of support.

The partnership is rooted in a shared belief in the value of giving back to the community and advocating for the good people in uniform who make communities a better, safer place to live. 


“We have a lot of admiration and respect for people in uniform. They take on another layer of responsibility in many ways, and it’s been a rough journey these last three years. When ACME reached out to us about Bill’s story, we immediately jumped in! We support our local community and our law enforcement and are grateful they suit up every day. I feel very honored to be part of this,” said Malarkey sales representative Renée Williams.


Shayne Abston, Stoneway Roofing Supply’s sales representative, couldn’t agree more and added, 


“The foundation of who we are as a company is to give back wherever we can. Since we also strongly support first responders, this was a no-brainer for us to join in and help. We may be a billion-dollar company, but we care about the local communities we work in and do our best to get involved with each of them.” 


The man in uniform they’ve rallied to support is Bill Brand. Brand is a local police officer, working in the Pierce County community since 2016. He’s had a long career in law enforcement, including ten years in the narcotics division. Acts of service and doing what’s right every time are the values ingrained in his upbringing that continue to drive Brand’s dedication to his field. 


“Honesty, integrity, compassion…those were the values I was raised with, and those are the values that align with being a police officer…Doing the right thing and protecting people who can’t protect themselves – that’s just always stuck with me, so it’s tough to hear about bad cops because it gives the good ones a bad name,” said Bill Brand.


Bill’s home has been in desperate need of a new roof for the last eight years. Spencer Ross, the owner of ACME Roofing, rose to the occasion after years of developing a relationship in his community with Bill. He saw firsthand what Bill was giving up to serve his community and believed no one giving this much should live with a roof in that condition.


Although product and labor costs have spiked since COVID, Spencer’s avid support for the community drove him to continue giving back. He is humbled to be in a position to not only help a longtime friend, but someone who’s given back and sacrificed so much for this community and in ways most people can’t.  


“I’m blown away by the response we’ve received from Malarkey and Stoneway – especially during times of shortages! It really is because of Bill. He’s one of those super solid, good guys who’ve been a huge inspiration for me… It’s a hard time to be a police officer lately; many people have quit the field. But not Bill. He’s that kind of guy,” said Spencer Ross.


Malarkey Roofing Products will provide all of the shingles needed. Stoneway Roofing Supply will deliver the materials, and ACME Roofing will replace Bill’s current roof with the new roof. The project began on Monday, August 22, and was completed on Tuesday, August 23. 

Videos and images from the job are available for use HERE

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