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Reducing Your Roof’s Fire Risk

In the dog days of Pacific Northwest summer, we often experience the fall out from extreme wildfires. We have seen the devastation that fire can have on homes, and we’re here to tell you how your roof can protect you.

Having your home, your safety, your peace of mind, and your lifestyle literally go up in smoke is a nightmare, and protecting your family and home from fire should always be a foremost priority. While fireproofing isn’t typically the first thought in your mind when it comes to roofing, your roof plays a vital role in keeping your home fireproofed, so it’s important to understand why and how your roof is a barrier against fire.


How To Decrease Your Roof’s Fire Risk

There’s obviously no way to completely protect yourself from fire, but there are many roofing steps that you can take to prevent both preventable fires from beginning, and unpreventable fires from spreading further. These include:  

  • Keeping your roof clean, especially from all types of plant matter. It’s more than common to have leaves and sticks and such collect on your roof (and especially in your gutters!), but without proper cleaning, these can become a perfect pile of kindling for any fire to immediately ignite. Be particularly wary of anything growing from the ground to the roof, like vines, because these can spread ground fires to your roof and home with ease. 
  • Repair the cracks in your roof. Embers from external fires can blow into your attic through cracks, and this is extremely dangerous for your family and home. Ensure that your roofing company installs fire-stops into specific parts of your roof’s internal structure. The fire-stops bar fire from penetrating your entire roof, cordening them off in one location. 


  • ALWAYS use a professional company for any roofing work. There are a whole range of products and techniques that roofing companies use to prevent fires and decrease fire risk, and they will always think of possibilities that will slip your mind. 


How ACME is Your Risk Reduction Partner

ACME Roofing is your risk reduction partner, because we are always looking to save you stress and money in the long term. If you’re worried about your roof’s fire risk, or want a free estimate for a new roof, contact the team at ACME Roofing today!