Why Choose Premium Lines of Roofing Products?

During the process of a new roof installation with Acme Roofing, you’ll work closely with our team to determine the best roofing products/materials for your home. We offer a wide variety of high-quality local and national brands to fit any home style, budget and need. While we stand behind every product we offer, many homeowners asks the question: “Should I choose a premium roofing product line?”

Roofing samples in Tacoma showroom

Why Choose Premium Roofing Products & Materials

Not all roofing products, materials and brands are created equal. Typically, a lower-cost roof comes with a shorter lifespan. Premium roofing products offers greater longevity and durability. Not to mention, they look great and stand up against elements. At Acme Roofing, we highly recommend investing in premium roofing product lines from brands such as PABCO and CertainTeed for your home.

PABCO Premier® laminated fiberglass shingles are a great choice for South Sound homeowners, with a wide selection of color options available. We also recommend PABCO® Premier Professional laminated shingles for its unbeatable combination of quality and value.

CertainTeed’s Grand Manor® asphalt shingle line is both stylish and beautiful, offering depth and dimension of natural slate. The Presidential Shake® line replicates the look of cedar shakes with the performance and durability of fiberglass construction.

Homeowners may shy away from choosing premium roof products due to cost or the timeline for installation. However, premium materials don’t always mean a longer install. They can take the same amount of time to install as a typical asphalt shingle roof. Our Tacoma roofing installers are expertly trained and skilled in their craft. For every project, we make sure that it is done both safely and efficiently.

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Here at Acme Roofing, we understand the role that your roof plays for your home. When installing a new roof, choosing the right roofing product or material can be a difficult decision. There’s a lot of factors to consider, including cost, weight, style and color. If you’re planning to replace your old roof, make sure that it’s done properly and efficiently with the right Puget Sound roofing contractor.

With decades of experience and knowledge in the roofing industry, our staff can answer any questions you may have on roofing. Don’t hesitate to call our Tacoma office at 253-564-2292 to schedule a showroom tour or free roofing estimate.