Acme’s Northwest Roofer Can Stop Moss

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, odds are your roofing has been attached by moss. Whether you see it as an unsightly problem, or think it looks nice on your home, moss poses a major threat to your roof’s condition and needs to be taken care of.

What is moss and how does it grow?

Moss on a tacoma house's roofMoss is a form of green cushion-like plant that grows in cool, wet and shady climates; the Northwest is a perfect home for them. Moss doesn’t need roots to grow so it can spread nearly anywhere and it prefers the hard surfaces on houses, especially all the different kinds of roofing. The perfect place for moss to grow is in a well-shaded area with temperatures between 30 and 70 degrees. The area also needs to experience a good amount of rain; this makes our Northwest region an ideal place for moss to grow.

Why is moss a threat to Northwest roofs?

Frequent rainfall that flows down the different roofing options provides the moisture that moss needs to thrive. As moss grows, it can have many negative effects. The concerns that moss causes for a Northwest homeowner’s roof are:

  • Raised shingles that let in moisture and cause leaks and rotting
  • Faster breakdown in roofing materials such as shingles and shakes
  • Trapping of debris onto the roof
  • Sponge like reaction that brings excess water into your roof and increases chance of water damage

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How is moss prevented and treated?

There are several do-it-yourself ways that moss can be prevented in the Northwest. A moss killing mixture can be made out of household items such as lemon juice, baking soda or bleach mixed with water and sprayed onto the moss. If the moss is growing minimally, it can also be brushed off with a broom. Be sure not to pressure wash or scrape and chip the moss off of the roofing because it causes too much damage, especially to shingles.

It is also wise to cut down the branches that shade your roof since moss cannot grow in direct sunlight. Finally, adding a zinc or copper strip along the peak of your roof will keep moss away. When that stubborn Northwest rain picks up small amounts of metal, it runs down into the moss, kills it and prevents its regrowth.

What is the best plan of action?

Calling on the help of professional Northwest roofers, of course!  For maintenance help with your roof or a Free Estimate on your roofing needs, call us at 877-7MYACME.  Our Tacoma roofers would be happy to help remedy the potential mossy threats that come from Northwest weather!

photo credit: wezlo via photopin cc