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How Green Is Your Roof? A Look at Roofing and Sustainability

Sustainability is likely going to be the key issue of the 2020s. There are a whole array of options for reducing your footprint, including cutting down on single-use items, driving less, or even investing in an electric car. 


One place that you might not have considered ‘green’ is your roof. ACME Roofing is here to help you understand how the proper shingles and installation can help you decrease your climate footprint. Let’s take a look at the benefits of considering roofing and sustainability. 

Turning Down Your Thermostat


From the interior of your house, the best benefit from having properly installed, green shingles is that it allows you to turn down your thermostat, and heat your home less. How can ACME Roofing do this for you? Many homes are drafty, especially in areas around the roof, and improperly installed shingles are a huge contributor to this. 


By having professional installation and maintenance for your roof, you can secure the interior environment of your home, keeping the warm air in, and cold air out. This allows you to run your central heating system less, and cut down the use of one of the least green appliances in most homes


Decrease Your Roof’s Waste


Roof shingles are designed to be extremely long-lasting, so that they can protect your roof for decades, but there’s a negative flipside to this. Most shingles don’t break down at all if put in landfills, and while recycling shingles is becoming more prevalent, this still isn’t perfect. The best way to decrease your roof’s waste is keeping your shingles on your roof as long as possible.


Once again, ACME Roofing’s team of expert roofers will properly install and maintain your roof, to extend the lifetime of your shingles, and keep them out of the landfill. Additionally, ACME has awesome warranty options on all of our shingles, to help you replace them if need be. 


Why ACME Cares About Sustainability


ACME Roofing cares about sustainability because we care about our communities, our country, and our planet. If you’re looking to green your roof today, or just need some roof maintenance, contact ACME Roofing today!