Commercial Roofing

Each new construction roofing project is unique and our clients have very different tastes. For these reasons, we work directly with industry leaders to create a strategy that will consistently deliver quality results. We know that new construction roofing projects require thorough budgetary planning and are time sensitive. We know what is at stake with your construction roofing project and you can be reassured that we are very experienced at working with general contractors to make roofs the centerpiece of your house or commercial building.

Puget Sound's Acme Roofing new roofing construction

We offer many construction roofing services. Here, we will explain some of the techniques and materials that we will use to make your vision for your home reality:


Composite Shingles – Composite shingles have been in use for decades and are composed of three elements – a mat layer, asphalt layer, and a granular top layer. Composite shingles are very popular because the material gives homeowners many options. This is another low cost form of roofing that will last from 15 to 30 years.
Metal – If you want a roof to last, it may be best to invest in metal sheeting. It is best for Northwest roofing because it is one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing products available and provides optimal protection against the elements. Most metal roofs have an expected life of 30 years and some can last much longer. It can also reduce the amount of your annual insurance premium due to metal’s durability.

Commercial Roofing Services in Tacoma, WA

Our South Sound roofing estimates begin with quantity take offs and specification submittal form approved construction drawings. Our Tacoma roofing experts will create a scope of work letter to submit to you to base our quotation. We administer on site safety, material procurement, and project specifics to keep you in the loop throughout the building process.

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