Roofing Advice from Tacoma Re-Roofing Experts

Upclose photo of roofing with a roofer's hand

As harsh winter weather eases up for the summer, many may feel as though their roofs have survived the storm. The truth is, however, that roof damage is not always obvious or visible at the surface. Sometimes it takes the opinion of professional contractors, such as our Tacoma re-roofing experts to correctly diagnose your needs.

Though some warning signs apply to every roof, they can vary depending on the type. Shingles, shakes, and metal materials for example, all show different signs when damage has occurred.

If any of the following characteristics can be seen on the roof of your home, you may need the help of our Tacoma re-roofing experts.


–       Thinning out or becoming brittle
–       Weathering
–       Wearing down
–       Missing shingles 

Wooden Shakes

–       Warping or curling
–       Splitting
–       Weather damage 

Metal Roofing

–       Damage to screws
–       Rusting or corrosion at the peaks

In addition to these material specific concerns, leaks, water damage, and structure exposing gaps should be immediately repaired universally, as they can cause the most damage.

If any of these signs are familiar to your home, then now is the perfect time for a re-roof. Call our Tacoma re-roofing experts today at 877-7MYACME today for a free estimate.


photo credit: Dana Dean Roofing Company – Raleigh NC Roofer via photopin cc