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ACME Roofing on Location: Tacoma

ACME Roofing on Location: Tacoma

This month, we’re kicking off a new series for our blog — ACME Roofing on Location. Each post in this series will highlight a recent roofing project that we have completed in one of our operating areas. This series offers region-specific information about the roofing materials ACME uses and the new possibilities available in the art of roofing. This week’s post highlights a project that we completed in Tacoma, our home base, using PABCO Roofing products.

ACME Roofing On Location Before/After

Neighborhood Overview

Tacoma’s housing market is booming with a 50.4% homeownership rate. 88.7% of Tacoma homes are more than 20 years old and 55.2% are more than 50 years old — a house’s prime time for a roof replacement. New and current homeowners in Tacoma are in a unique situation when it comes to roof replacements, given the city’s climate.

Tacoma’s climate is one of the wettest in the country, with nearly 150 precipitation days per year, averaging almost 40 inches of rain every year. This particular climate requires a roof that can handle the consistent moisture, and the accompanying dampness, without succumbing to mold and rot. 

Project Overview

For this roofing project, the clients selected PABCO Premier laminated fiberglass shingles in Antique Black. The PABCO Premier line is renowned for having the features your home requires for both function and appearance. With UL790 Class A Fire Resistance, a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Algae Defender® protection, this laminated shingle that comes in twelve color options, is perfect for Tacoma’s conditions.

Project Benefits 

In particular, the benefit of choosing PABCO Premier roofing materials for this project is the built-in, patented Algae Defender protection; ideal Tacoma’s wet climate. Algae build-up is a common problem and can be quite damaging if left untreated. Algae Defender will keep this home protected for decades, giving the owners peace of mind that they are safe and protected. Similarly, the UL790 Class A Fire Resistance is an industry-standard, often recognized by homeowners’ associations across the country. Combine these two features with the roof’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, and you’ve got a roof you can trust. 

Ready To Revitalize Your Roof? 

If you’ve been considering a new roof, or are interested in learning more about the various types and styles of roofing that ACME offers, contact us today. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible through the process, which is why we always begin with a free roof estimate. You can have confidence in the ACME team throughout the entire roofing process.