ACME Roofing on Location: Tacoma

Welcome to 2020, and welcome back for another year of ACME Roofing on Location! Our first post of the new decade takes us back to ACME Roofing’s home base: the great city of Tacoma, Washington. For this project, our fellow Tacoman client chose one of our most popular and dependable shingles, the Premier line from PABCO Roofing. While outlining what makes this shingle one of the best on the market today, we will also take a look at why it’s perfect for Tacoma’s stereotypically Pacific Northwest climate. 


Neighborhood Overview


While some people think of Tacoma as just a suburb of Seattle, as locals, we recognize the city for what it is: a vibrant and thriving hub in the Puget Sound area. From its storied history, to the number of famous residents it has bred over the years, to the present-day quality of life of the city’s hundreds of thousands of citizens, Tacoma stands on its own as a great city. 


With over 40 inches of precipitation every year, Tacoma is a perfect example of the famed Pacific Northwest climate. We recognize the importance that this climate puts on a sturdy, reliable, beautiful roof, and we take this attitude into every single project in our home town.


Shingle Features


If you’ve checked in with our Roofing on Location series in the past, odds are you’re quite aware of what the PABCO Premier line is, and why it’s such a popular choice for Pacific Northwest roofing projects. 


With aesthetic features, including twelve color options, to functional and safety features like Algae Defender and Class A Fire Resistance, this laminated shingle line is perfect for the Pacific Northwest. For this project in Tacoma, our client went with a classic color choice: black. As you can see above, this choice gives the home a facelift, and taking 20 years of wear and tear off the appearance. 


If you’re interested in other examples of our PABCO Roofing products in the Puget Sound region, you can check out the ACME blog, with plenty of other Roofing on Location posts for you to explore. 


Ready To Revitalize Your Roof?


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