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ACME Roofing on Location: Tacoma

September’s second ACME Roofing on Location post is another project that we worked on in our home base of Tacoma, Washington. The client decided on a product from Malarkey Roofing, a brand based out of Portland, Oregon.

Tacoma Roof - Before & After

Neighborhood Overview

Tacoma’s North End was once home to portable mills used for logging. At the heart of the industry was the Northern Manufacturing Company mill, located in the Proctor District. But by the beginning of the 20th century, streetcars had arrived and the North End began to boom with housing, and of course, why not? 

These days, the North End boasts beautifully constructed homes and remains a highly- desirable residential neighborhood — albeit because of time and care homeowners give to their houses. At the moment, Tacoma’s housing market is booming with a 50.4% homeownership rate. 88.7% of Tacoma homes are more than 20 years old and 55.2% are more than 50 years old — a house’s prime time for a roof replacement. New and current homeowners in Tacoma are in a unique situation when it comes to roof replacements, given the city’s climate.

Tacoma’s climate is one of the wettest in the country, with nearly 150 precipitation days per year, averaging almost 40 inches of rain every year. This particular climate requires a roof that can handle the consistent moisture, and the accompanying dampness, without succumbing to mold and rot. 

Project Overview

For this Tacoma roofing project, the client chose the Malarkey Legacy shingle, in the color Midnight Black. There were a few key factors behind this choice by our client. First and foremost, is that the Legacy line comes with Legacy® XL Limited Lifetime Scotchgard™ Protector Warranty. In Washington’s wet climate, this protects against the black streaks of mold that appear on many roofs. Malarkey Legacy is also backed by the fortified durability of NEX® polymer modified asphalt technology, which works to provide both superior granule adhesion and extreme weather protection, including Class 4 impact resistance. 

Project Benefits 

Above all else, the feature that sets the Malarkey Legacy shingle apart is the Scotchgard™ Protector. Malarkey is one of only two shingle producers licensed to use this technology, and this exclusivity is a driving force behind their success. Scotchgard™ Protector was developed by 3M, and specifically engineered to protect against moisture, mold, and algae damage, over the long term. But you don’t have to just take their word for it; Scotchgard™ Protector is the only product of this type endorsed by celebrity builder and TV host Mike Holmes, who often uses the product in his projects.   

Ready To Revitalize Your Roof? 

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