ACME Roofing on Location: Gig Harbor

We’re back for another installment of the ACME Roofing on Location series! For this recent ACME Roofing project, we were in one of the Puget Sound’s most picturesque towns, Gig Harbor. Our client chose to adorn their home with a great shingle from Portland-based Malarkey Roofing, one of our most popular product lines. In addition to a deep dive on this particular product, we will also take a look at the value of choosing a premium, designer shingle, for both your peace of mind and your home’s curb appeal. 


Neighborhood Overview


Gig Harbor is a city with a rich history, rooted in the natural world. From its maritime traditions of fishing, sailing, and ship building, to its long-standing agriculture, forestry, and outdoor culture, Gig Harbor is home to some of the most beautiful vistas in Washington. Not to be outdone by the past, Gig Harbor today is one of the most vibrant cities in Pierce County, with shopping, dining, and cultural experiences to match the natural treasures of the area.


Shingle Features


For this project, our client chose the Malarkey Windsor AR shingle, in a beautiful Antique Brown color. The Windsor line is Malarkey’s designer shingle, but it’s more than just a pretty face. It’s also chock-full of amazing shingle features including: 

When you combine the elegant design of the Windsor line with its incredible range of features, the value of choosing a top-of-the-line shingle becomes incredibly clear. With a timeless look that boosts your curb appeal, and features that make that timeless look last for decades, the Windsor is exactly what you’re looking for from a shingle. 


If you’re interested in other examples of our Malarkey Roofing products in the Puget Sound region, you can check out the ACME blog, with plenty of other Roofing on Location posts for you to explore. 


Ready To Revitalize Your Roof? 


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