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Roofing Experts Improve Your Roof’s Efficiency

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Going green is a growing trend. More Americans are participating in activities to reduce our effect on the environment. There are many ways to help out the environment, from buying electric cars to investing in recycled paper.

One way to go green and save energy is to make small improvements in roofing efficiency. These three small improvements from our Pierce County roofing experts will help reduce the impact you make on the environment and the size of your energy bill.


1. Cool-Down Your Roof

Roofs that use darker colored shingles absorb both light and heat. This creates high temperatures in your home that are worse than the actual outside temperature. The result is hotter rooms in your home and a harder working air conditioner.

Lighter Colored Roofs Can:

  • Reduce the heat of your roof and your home
  • Be up to 60 degrees cooler than darker ones
  • Save energy and reduce costs
  • Provide more comfort


  • Use a cool roof coating on top of an existing roof
  • Use reflective materials to counter the suns rays
  • Replace shingles
  • Use asphalt or lighter colored roofing materials

2. Insulation

The insulation in your home may not be enough. Poorly insulated roofs require more air conditioning in the summer and more heat in the winter. The lack of insulation under your roof allows in unwanted heat and air, which increases the amount of energy you use. A well-insulated roof can drastically improve roofing efficiency and reduce your electricity bill. The insulation you choose for your home directly depends on the type of house you own and the type of climate you live in.


  • Use materials like fiberglass, foam insulation, or cotton batting
  • Leave an air-space gap between insulation and roof

3. Re-Roofing

The third option is worth the cost, for a roof that is high in efficiency and comfort. Shingles are the most common material but not sustainable nor economic. Choosing the right material for your roof could result in a 30 percent decrease in your energy bill. In cooler climates such as Seattle, consider replacing both roofing materials and sheathing (protective covering). Call in the help of professionals such as our roofing experts for this type of solution.

Sustainable Roofing Materials Include:

  • Tile
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Concrete

ACME Roofing uses materials designed for roofing efficiency from companies like Pabco and General Aniline and film (GAF). These roofing manufacturers create materials designed to contribute to green certifications such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Another efficient material is metal, such as Kynar 500® which reflects 70 percent of the sun’s rays and contributes to improved energy savings.

Call our roofing experts at ACME Roofing for a free estimate at (253) 564-2292. We’d love to help improve the efficiency of your home!


Photo credit: joncallas via photopin cc
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