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Building Our Communities: ACME Roofing Gives Back

When it comes to deepening roots into the Pacific Northwest community, ACME Roofing does so in a number of ways. We love our community and beautiful surrounding areas, and giving back to it in every way we can is how we show this love. From helping to build stronger, more supportive, more sustainable communities, to ensuring our customers are satisfied with their new roof and have a warranty to back it up, ACME is your South Sound roofing partner. For this month’s blog post, we’re going to outline the ways we support the community, to help inspire you to think about what you can do as well! Let’s dive right in. 


How Our Warranties Build Communities

The main thing we want our customers to feel when ACME Roofing is done installing their new roof is peace of mind. Your roof should be the last thing that anyone is worried about, which is why we take peace of mind so seriously. Warranties play a huge part in this, because it leaves you covered in the case of an emergency or inevitable wear and tear.


ACME Roofing’s two main shingle providers are PABCO Roofing and Malarkey Roofing. All PABCO products come with a Limited Lifetime warranty, while Malarkey products offer varying warranties in the range of 25 to 50 years. We source our shingles from these companies because they share our commitment to long term quality.


How ACME Gives Back

Putting a roof over someone’s head is what gets us out of bed every day, so we couldn’t be happier to provide this service for churches and schools located in the South Sound area. By replacing the roofs of these deserving organizations all around the South Sound, we enable them to focus on the things they do best: teaching our communities and children how to live, and how to learn. ACME Roofing has done charitable roofing projects for:

We can’t wait to show you what we’re up to in 2020 to support our community, one roof at a time!