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ACME Roofing on Location: Tacoma

This month, ACME Roofing on Location takes us back to our home base of Tacoma, Washington, for another satisfied roofing client. The client decided on a product from Malarkey Roofing, specifically the Malarkey Legacy Heather. Along with an overview of what makes this shingle perfect for Washington’s looming rainy season, we will outline some horror stories of rainy seasons past, from people whose roofs were not prepared for Tacoma’s rainy conditions.  


Neighborhood Overview


As the home of ACME Roofing, and one of Washington’s most vibrant and growing communities, Tacoma is home to young families and homeowners who prioritize protecting their families and their homes against the yearly torrential rains. Many people have found refuge from the hustle and bustle of Seattle here, without having to sacrifice the big city amenities that make Tacoma one of America’s most coveted locales. 


That said, Tacoma’s rainy season is not one to be trifled with. The constant pounding that your roof takes from around 40 inches of rain, on 150 precipitation days per year, can lead to long term damage to your home without the right protection. Thankfully, companies like Portland’s Malarkey Roofing understand the unique roofing challenges homes face in the Pacific Northwest and they have developed products to handle the strain. 


Shingle Features

The Malarkey Legacy Heather is an architectural shingle line, with weather protection provided by its durable NEX® polymer modified asphalt technology, and Scotchgard™ Protector from 3M for added protection against black streaks caused by algae. However, the feature that matters most for protection from the rain and damp is Malarkey’s Formulated Roofing Sealants. This technology helps to ensure that shingles maintain their proper seal to your roof in all conditions, even driving winds. Using two extra layers of SEBS polymer modified asphalt rain sealant, the critical protection areas are locked down, for added protection from driving rain.  


Tacoma Rain Horror Stories 


While Tacoma residents are no strangers to the constant rain common to Pacific Northwest winters, these expected rains can quickly devolve into chaos. From just last year, this news story outlines how a regular winter rain can go from an inconvenience to a full-blown red alert situation. Whether it’s flooded roads or power outages over huge swathes of the state, one of the most important things for being able to stay safe and warm in a rainstorm like this, is a place for you and your family to congregate. Having confidence in your roof in times of unrest is of utmost importance. By protecting their roof with the Malarkey Legacy Heather, including Nex, Scotchgard, and Formulated Roofing Sealant technologies, these Tacoma homeowners will be safe, sound and prepared for when the next storm hits. 


Ready To Revitalize Your Roof? 


If you’ve been considering a new roof, or are interested in learning more about the various types and styles of roofs that ACME offers, contact us today. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible through the process, which is why we always begin with a free roof estimate. You can have confidence in the ACME team throughout the entire roofing process.